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A Crowd Pleaser

By: Alyssa Nyberg, The Nature Conservancy I overlook things all the time – but insects don’t. I walk, bike and drive the roadsides of Kankakee Sands every day, nearly oblivious to the thousands of hoary vervain (Verbena stricta) that I am passing. But the insects are keyed in–they know that this plant is a treasure.Continue reading “A Crowd Pleaser”

Bison, by the Numbers

By: Alyssa Nyberg, The Nature Conservancy It’s that exciting time of the year when the bison calves are born! At the close of 2020, we had 93 bison in our in our Kankakee Sands herd. As I pen this article, twenty-one calves have already been documented in the bison pasture, which means that for theContinue reading “Bison, by the Numbers”


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