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By Alyssa Nyberg, Restoration Ecologist at The Nature Conservancy’s Kankakee Sands On this chilly May morning, I’m bundling up for a pre-dawn excursion. With binoculars round my neck and bird book in hand, I meet up with other Kankakee Sands staff and volunteers for our annual Kankakee Sands Bird Survey in the bison pasture.  WeContinue reading “Thunder-pumper”

Springtime Wetlands

By Alyssa Nyberg, Restoration Ecologist at The Nature Conservancy’s Kankakee Sands There’s something about having your feet in water that is a thrill. As a kid, I jumped and splashed in puddles and ponds just to see how big an impact I could have.  Now, as adult, I enjoy watching kids jump and splash, butContinue reading “Springtime Wetlands”

Calling Spring

By: Alyssa Nyberg While the March prairies are still sleeping and the woodlands are just beginning to break bud, our Indiana wetlands are waking up.   Wetlands are critical habitat for so many plant and animal species. One of our first Indiana wetland residents to begin filling the spring air with its call is theContinue reading “Calling Spring”

Shucks, No Shrikes

By: Alyssa Nyberg Well, shucks, try as I might, I have not yet been successful in seeing a northern shrike at Kankakee Sands. Even though more than 450 beautiful bird species have been documented in Indiana over the years, this winter I had my sights set on just one – the clever northern shrike. ClassifiedContinue reading “Shucks, No Shrikes”


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