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Because No One Wants to Read an Article on Non-Native, Invasive Plants

By Alyssa Nyberg Let’s face it, we’d all much rather read an article about our beautiful Indiana prairie wildflowers, butterflies and birds than a depressing article on non-native, invasive plants. Yet as gloomy a subject as it is, invasive plants are actually wildly fascinating and very important to learn about. If we don’t understand theContinue reading “Because No One Wants to Read an Article on Non-Native, Invasive Plants”

If Wings Could Talk

By Alyssa Nyberg, The Nature Conservancy Without a doubt, September is the month of the monarch. I am loving all the monarch photos that people are posting to social media and sending to me via text and email. The photos of the brightly colored, seemingly perfect monarchs are stunning. With their bold and bright, orangeContinue reading “If Wings Could Talk”

Stem Research

By: Alyssa Nyberg, The Nature Conservancy In third grade, my teacher Mrs. Curran introduced all 27 of her students to the scientific method. It felt so hard to remember all those steps to the scientific method, and in the right order, but the first one was easy to remember and easy to do: observation. AllContinue reading “Stem Research”

A Crowd Pleaser

By: Alyssa Nyberg, The Nature Conservancy I overlook things all the time – but insects don’t. I walk, bike and drive the roadsides of Kankakee Sands every day, nearly oblivious to the thousands of hoary vervain (Verbena stricta) that I am passing. But the insects are keyed in–they know that this plant is a treasure.Continue reading “A Crowd Pleaser”


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