Because No One Wants to Read an Article on Non-Native, Invasive Plants

By Alyssa Nyberg Let’s face it, we’d all much rather read an article about our beautiful Indiana prairie wildflowers, butterflies and birds than a depressing article on non-native, invasive plants. Yet as gloomy a subject as it is, invasive plants are actually wildly fascinating and very important to learn about. If we don’t understand theContinue reading “Because No One Wants to Read an Article on Non-Native, Invasive Plants”

2021 Native Plant Sale a Huge Success!

By: Jeanette Jaskula, President, Friends of the Sands Thank you to everyone who supported our Native Plant Sale this year. We raised $3,706 to support conservation work in Newton County! This was the best sale we have ever had! This sale is one of my favorite FOS events. I enjoy handing people their boxes fullContinue reading “2021 Native Plant Sale a Huge Success!”

Chatty Little Grasshopper Sparrows

By: Alyssa Nyberg, The Nature Conservancy Nature isn’t always what it seems – a chatty little grasshopper sparrow taught me that. For the first ten or so years that I worked at the Kankakee Sands Nursery, I was always looking down, either at the native plants that I was planting into the soil, or atContinue reading “Chatty Little Grasshopper Sparrows”

Growing Fancy Plants

By: Alyssa Nyberg, The Nature Conservancy Trudging through the cold north winds on an early March morning, icy rains slashing my face, I make my way from the parking lot to the Kankakee Sands greenhouse. Clomp-clomp, clomp-clomp. I slide open the greenhouse door and am instantly transported to a state of bliss – the warmth,Continue reading “Growing Fancy Plants”